A Deep Dive into Sometimes Julie’s Fifth Album, ‘Seven Wishes’


Sometimes Julie from San Diego, California, is back with their fifth album, Seven Wishes. It’s a concept album all about wishes for healing and peace. The album contains seven solid songs and all has a strong blues-based rock that will get you grooving. This album is made in a cool style. It’s like rock and roll, mixing country vibes, bluesy feelings, and sometimes catchy pop sounds.

The album starts with “Wish on the Wildside,” giving us powerful chords and Monica’s strong, clean voice. The emotive bridge makes it a standout opener that grabs your attention.

In the second song, “Burning to be free”  the lyrics in the song talk about wanting to get away from how things are right now. It’s like wanting to leave, not waiting for help, and looking for a better way.

In “If I Said,” a clean beat and light synth pad create a mellow vibe. The harmonies during the chorus are excellent, and the transition between diaphragm and falsetto adds a nice touch.

“Missed the Boat” has a Pat Benatar vibe in the chorus. Monica’s voice blends determination with vulnerability, delivering the last lyric with a vocal urgency turned up to 11.

In the 5th song, “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” The song says to get rid of things that make you feel stuck. Toss away worries, problems, and stuff that’s not ready. Don’t believe lies or what others say. Take a new chance, make your own name, and don’t feel like you owe anyone. Live your own life and fly, fly, fly, and be free.

“Nowhere to Go” feels like a journey over green fields and endless mountains. The mix of rock, blues, and country, along with clean electric and acoustic guitars, paints a melodically picturesque scene.

Closing with “Fool’s Wish,” it tells a story of wanting something pure. The snare rim hits and wood percussion create a tumbling journey, contrasting beautifully with angelic harmonies. The song ends with a final request, leaving a lingering hope in your mind.

Stream full album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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