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Morgan Cassius lifting the spirits of Christian music listeners with ‘Before You’ a single of her debut Ep ‘Never Say Never’

Morgan Cassius, a contemporary gospel singer hailing from South London, UK, graces the music scene with her soulful and smooth tones that blend...


Christian Gospel Band Saved By Grace Changing Lives With Their Debut Album ‘God’s Master Plan’

The Christian Gospel music band, Saved By Grace based in Erie, Pennsylvania is rock band formed by Dan Olson, a pastor at Interfaith...


The fastest and most efficient ways to monetize your music

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to earn money from your career as a musician. Since you’ve made music your...

Things to do to get known as up-and-coming artists

Things To Do To Get Exposure As Up-and-coming Musical Artist

There are countless musicians working in the shadows who are trying to gain recognition, but their efforts are fruitless. Coming out is difficult,...


Afrobeat Is Gaining Popularity While Highlife Declines

In the early 20th century, performers from Ghana combined traditional West African music with jazz and calypso from the West, according to my...


Boomplay’s Most Streamed Artist In Ghana

One of the most well-liked music streaming services is Boomplay. Due to the platform’s widespread use worldwide, most artists have gained popularity through...


Gospel Music Is lagging Behind Secular Music

As we all know, Gospel music is a style of music to which Christians can relate. The emphasis of the content is therefore...


Music’s Unfavorable And Advantageous Effects

Many people have experienced both positive and negative effects from music. There are only few disadvantages of music though, music is therefore more...