A Review of ‘Come Back Now’ by Lorna Lynn


Lorna Lynn, a 19-year-old rising star, sings all her heart in her most recent work, the acoustic folk-pop release, “Come Back Now”. This touching and personal story of the feelings of love and death, resonates with the audience on a deep emotive level, bringing people together.

The song starts off with a calm acoustic guitar that set the space for Lornna to air her emotions. How she delivered made her voice sincere and emotional at the same time which gave shape to the lyrics. The use of strings in the music is not merely ornamental; on the contrary they are so deep to indicate the emotion, to articulate the musical idea, and ultimately to make listeners happy by the end.

Lorna Lynn

Her voice on the song is so free as to imply that every word of the lyrics has meaning. The soul that she puts into her singing, of the deep sorrow and loss that are endowed in it, will spark everyone’s interest and make her voice eternal.

One thing I like about this song is it dynamism. The song started with a very calm and relaxing feel and it later gets intense and gets calm again and that made the song more fun to listen to despite it sorrowful message. This gain and decrease in intensity have a complex influence on the music which makes the listening to it pleasant.

Overall, the song is a melancholic and nostalgic one with the peak of understanding that you will never forget. Lorna Lynn, the gifted singer-songwriter, used the song to highlight her songwriting talent and her voice was heard in every note portraying her natural talent. Thus, the song will surelt appeal to every listener who is interested in acoustic folk-pop.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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