A Review of Fredrika Rei’s Debut EP “less depression, more dancing”


Fredrika Rei’s shares a new EP titled “less depression, more dancing”  a psychedelic & magical combination of contemporary electronic pop, laced with soulful ambient tones which will captivate every listener. From cultural eclecticism and through sources of inspiration, the music consumes the listeners diving them into the realm. The track list consists of five individual songs and each song  proves Rei’s ability to switch musical styles. Throughout the EP, she delves into such themes as love, creativity, crisis, and sexuality.

The EP starts off with a chilling electro pop track, “So It Goes,” featuring a synthesized bass line that prepares the listener for her specific sound. With her gentle voice and the synth-pop rhythms, Rei creates an emotional and very intrauterine ambience that makes the listeners travel in thoughts in and out and this song is all about romance.

Next on the tracklist after “So It Goes” is “MAGIC” a fast and furious hip-hop track featuring James Wilson. This collaboration brings a fresh breath of life to Rei’s already contagious music, displaying her artistic gift for smoothly merging different genres. More than anything, “Magic” implies a clear manifestation of spirit, in harmony and collaboration.

“Sparkle Sparkle Little Star,” as the next song in the playlist, settles the mood with electropop flavor. All the verses and refrain are smoothly tied together by the use of jazzy touches and soft touches while revealing as going up front towards the harsh reality in one’s life.

The ‘Human Experience,’ the fourth song delivers a pulsating electro-pop melodies with cool chord progressions that leaves you on the dance floor. There are smooth transition between verse and chorus and some jazz music to enrich the music. The chord progressions are fantastic, and the song is about dealing with a crisis. Rei talked about how she was in crisis but a friend told her to move on because it is normal and a human experience. It is a great club dance song!

The last song is “think about,” a slow jam featuring both synths and organic instruments played at night. The organic bass serving as a background, the track morphs throughout its duration into a fantastic interplay of horn sections and vocal harmonies, therefore leaving a mark. Through exploring her theme of sex, the last track brings tears and emotions from the EP’s crescendo.

“less depression, more dancing” is that EP you wouldn’t want to miss. Rei did perfectly well for coming up with such themes and delivered amazingly throughout the EP.

Stream Full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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