Aimie Atkinson Unleashes Musical Thrills with Halloween Hit, “Monster”


Renowned Olivier-nominated actor Aimie Atkinson, celebrated for her outstanding performances in West End Musicals like Pretty Woman, In the Heights, Death Note, and the sensational SIX, has now ventured into the music scene with her latest release, “Monster.”

Aimie Atkinson, a recipient of the BBC Voice Of Musical Theatre Award and The Voice of Astana, is a familiar name in the theatrical world. Her vocal prowess is showcased on the SIX album, which achieved GOLD status last year and has garnered over 100 million streams, solidifying her presence as a multifaceted artist.

The inspiration behind “Monster” stems from Aimie’s love for Halloween, and her desire to create a song that would set dance floors ablaze at Halloween events. In her own words, Aimie envisioned combining dark, evocative lyrics with an uptempo beat, delivering a track that urges listeners to unleash their inner beast. The essence of the song revolves around the idea of breaking free from societal constraints and embracing the darker aspects of one’s identity. Aimie explains, “Having always been told to keep all your demons inside your own head, ‘Monster’ is about letting it all come out! Not being afraid to show the darker side of yourself.”

“Monster” marks just the beginning of Aimie Atkinson’s musical journey. It serves as a tantalizing teaser for a larger EP scheduled for release in 2024. Aimie, acknowledging the inherent fear in sharing one’s creative endeavors with the world, expresses that she views it as the scariest yet necessary thing to do. Her mantra, “To feel the fear and do it anyway,” encapsulates the courage and determination propelling her musical ambitions.

Aimie Atkinson’s “Monster” not only promises to be a Halloween anthem but also signals a captivating musical venture from an artist known for her theatrical prowess. As audiences eagerly await the upcoming EP, it’s clear that Aimie’s foray into the world of music is a fearless exploration of her creative depths. Get ready to dance and embrace the dark side with “Monster” as Aimie Atkinson fearlessly sets the stage for more musical magic in the years to come.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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