AKSL GEMINI’s “Je te veux” is a sensual ode to reunion


From the streets of Paris to the heart of Gabon, AKSL GEMINI emerges as a musical gem, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of R&B, soul, and the vibrant sounds of Africa. Born in Paris and rooted in Gabon, AKSL GEMINI’s musical journey is a fusion of cultural influences that culminate in a unique and soulful sound.

Immersed in the rhythmic waves of American R&B from Aaliyah to Mary J Blige, and guided by the soulful ballads of Luther Vandross, AKSL GEMINI’s musical palette extends to the rhythms of African music, finding resonance in the beats of Davido and Wizkid.

AKSL GEMINI is here to captivate the world once again with her new single, a composition that transcends borders and echoes the universal language of love. “Je te veux” unfolds a narrative of intimacy, a passionate journey between two souls deeply in love, emerging from the shadows of a violent dispute.

The song delicately captures the moment of reconciliation, a bridge built on communication, benevolence, and the physical expression of emotions. “Je te veux” invites listeners into a world where sensuality and tenderness intertwine, where the desire to surrender to the other becomes a powerful force of unity.

In the creation of this melodic masterpiece, AKSL GEMINI takes the helm of the entire phonic production, steering the ship of sound with skill and precision. The mix and master, expertly crafted by Ya Mirko, a Gabonese artist residing in Washington DC, elevate the track to new heights.

“Je te veux” is a celebration of the fusion of emotions, where two beings become one energy, driven by a shared desire to bring pleasure to each other. AKSL GEMINI’s lyrics explore the depths of communication within relationships, emphasizing the importance of expressing love, longing, and desire in their purest forms.

Through this single, AKSL GEMINI extends an invitation to embrace harmony, urging listeners to sidestep conflict and revel in the beauty of tenderness. The song encourages an open dialogue and a willingness to say the things we feel without reservation—expressions like “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “I want you” become mantras that should echo more frequently and naturally in the dance of love.

“Je te veux” is an emotional voyage, an exploration of the intricacies of love, and a testament to AKSL GEMINI’s ability to weave a musical tapestry that resonates with the soul. As the single-grace streaming platform, it invites the world to experience the beauty of reconciliation, communication, and the timeless allure of love.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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