Alexandre Allix bursts on the London Scene with his highly anticipated debut single, “Recurring Thoughts” with Macz Payne


Perhaps you’ve heard of the up and coming Alexandre Allix, a london-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist who’s debut has been in the works for several months now.  Alexandre Allix’s track “Recurrence Thoughts” dropped in collaboration with the up and coming london-based rapper, Macz Payne.

Alexandre Allix’s background as a musician runs its roots deep within his childhood, when he began to learn the piano at age six. Fast forward to 2020, Alexandre at the ripe age of 18 years old began producing intensively for local artists in parallel to his studies as a classical composer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. As a producer, Alexandre has been partly responsible for crafting the
sound of some of the most promising prospects of the London Underground scene, such as CAP1TALA, BETI, Gbnga, and Macz
Payne himself.

Throughout this time, he has also expanded his skillset by learning how to engineer, record, mix, and master music, allowing him to operate independently. Very rarely do you see an artist that is capable of having full control over the result of their creative output in the way that Alexandre Allix does. This is telling of his potential in building a successful music career.

Upon the first listen, “Recurring Thoughts” proposes a refreshingly original blend of musical sonorities drawn from a wide variety of musical influences. With a soulful chord progression against a hip hop drum machine and groovy bass line, Alexandre Allix adopts
catchy flows and soulful melodies in contemplating his experience of “hustle” as a musician.

His confidence and drive is clearly
communicated both in the lyrical content and in the strength of his delivery, which is indicative of his experience as a recording artist despite having just made his debut. Macz Payne’s verse later in the song serves as a perfect counter balance to Alexandre Allix’s performance. The rapper’s acute sense of lyricism is clearly
highlighted in his ability to tie in contrasting themes of love and relationships under the umbrella theme of “Recurring Thoughts”.

In addition, the depth of the rapper’s lower tone blends effectively with the airiness of Alexandre Allix’s voice, which is a sure recipe for success in charming the ears of the listener.
It will be exiting to see what Alexandre Allix’s solo work will sound like in the follow up to this collaborative single. The French artist’s unique
debut will definitely be turning heads in the London Underground scene, especially with talk of a potential small-scale project in the near

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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