Allen Yu’s Debut Album Titled “Winds Of Change.” Speaks Volumes About The Positive Change ThatThe World Needs


Debut albums are mostly made with a lot of carefulness, attention and emotions that flow directly from within. There is no exception with musician Allen Yu’s debut album titled “Winds Of Change.”
As the title already speaks volumes about what is expected to be on the album, that is, the musician expecting a course to change the phenomenon of society for the better.
Allen dedicates this prestigious debut album to a world in instability.
According to Allen, “The album cover art features a pianist playing under a dandelion plant, a plant that symbolizes hope, healing, and resilience and the flying seeds further places hope in the future, in the next generation.” This message is evident of the positive change in society and the world at large that Allen strives to promote through this album “Winds Of Change.”

The album is made up of 12 songs that are carefully and creatively composed together by
Allen and co writer Victor Hugo Morales.
The first song on the album is ‘Whispers of the Wind’. The song is steady for of smooth and refreshing piano chords progressions that creates a captivating and relaxing feel. The next song is ‘Tango Fantasia’ followed by ‘Peoples and Traditions the third song on the album is ‘A fairy Table’ followed by ‘Cityscapes’, ‘Pastoral River,’ A joyful Ride,’ ‘A mother’s Voice,’ ‘Foggy Bay,’ ‘A spiritual Walk,’ ‘Desert Gala,’ and the last song on the albumis ‘Leaves in the wind.’
All the songs on the album features calm relaxing piano instrumentation that has the potential to relieve the listener of the stress he or she has been into through out difficult day or further more give relaxing and groovy time to other listeners who want a relaxing and refreshing experience.

The arrangement of the piano chords is so brilliant that you can notice the amount of creativity, time and talent that has gone into the project.

According to Allen, “this coming-out album symbolizes a couple of milestones. One, it is about finally sharing my private refuge. Second, it is about overcoming judgement and be comfortable about who I am and to be comfortable with my talent and it’s limitations, and my personal hopes and fears.”

The quality of this album “WindsOf Change” by Allen Yu and Co musician Victor proves an investment full emotions and expressiveness into each piece. Beautiful, warm melodies and harmonies are the essence of all our releases.
Allen wishes this music bring his listeners as much tranquility and joy and the listeners also find refuge, rejuvenation, tranquility, and from there, courage and power also.

Listen below on Spotify;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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