ALLYSE. Takes Center Stage with Soulful Sass in ‘Like A Drug’


Austin, Texas’s ALLYSE. is a multi-talented artist whose music is a compelling blend of sassy sweetness and a hypnotic groove. ALLYSE. combines her classical singing training with her ability to play many instruments to create a sound that is reminiscent of Amelia Moore, Kehlani, Sinead Harnett, and iyla.

ALLYSE. grew up in a military household, thus she was exposed to a wide variety of cultures and musics as she traveled the world. For the last seven years, she’s called Austin home, where she’s collaborated with the likes of KAKI, Monica Moser, Victoria Taylor, and Sweet Louise in addition to contributing her voice and keyboard skills to other projects, such as the pop band Bad Bonsai.

ALLYSE. puts on display her singing abilities and signature attitude in her debut solo effort. To round off her first year of releases, she has released her fourth song, “Like A Drug,” which features a significantly darker pop tone while keeping irresistible melodies and vocal hooks.

The complex relationship between love and addiction is explored in “Like A Drug” as ALLYSE. walks that line. The lyrics and pre-chorus provide a darker tone, accentuating the suspense that develops until the powerful chorus. The lyrics openly criticize a toxic partner, emphasizing the insight that the relationship was motivated more by a “rush of serotonin” than by true love.

The pleasant bassline of the song serves as a prelude to ALLYSE.’s uncompromising confrontation, which reveals the pointlessness of pining for someone who seeks just transient sensations rather than a committed partnership. “Like A Drug” develops as a song of emancipation, where condemnation converts into relief, disappointment evolves into delight, and tears give way to fresh freedom.

Allyse. and waverly’s “Like A Drug” not only features the musicianship of ALLYSE. but also reveals a story of growth and independence for the artist. ALLYSE. continues to cement her position in the music industry with each new album, giving fans a taste of her signature sound that combines soulful vocals, captivating melodies, and unabashed sass.

Stream “Like A Drug” below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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