ALPHA CENTAURI Unveils Empowering Single “Grow”

ALPHA CENTAURI, the Zimbabwe-born artist on a musical journey, unapologetically brings out his new song, “Grow”, that melts rapping, funk, and R&B genres with a purposeful message on community progress. His upcoming album which is set to drop in the coming summer will include the song “Grow” which has the choicest of jazz melodies played by the Vancouver based professional saxophone expert Dominic Conway during the extended outro, so music lovers should be on the watch for it.

“Grow” is outstanding mostly because of Conway’s memorable saxophone appearance, but, something even more special that diversity on the mix is Peter Poole, the DMC Canada champion DJ ALLGOOD as well. The song further employs a group of excellent musicians, including Richard Brown on drums, Cuyler Biller on guitar, Jonny Tobin on Keyboard, David Bamford on trumpet, Jonah Dean as bassist, Matthew Campbell Yard on percussion, and Ariko Aura as first background vocal, and JR ATLAS as the other. Thus, they all deploy their capacities in making it considerable.

But for ALPHA CENTAURI, “Grow” is not just a song about him, it is his life story and it creates an image about camaraderie and hope. To abandon his settled career in Zimbabwe and venture into the Canadian land to achieve his dream of music performing was the most daring decision Modzi ever made so far. Despite the obstacles and even the opposition of the relatives and friends, ALPHA CENTRI succeeded, he reinvented himself and created and extracted (educated) his own destiny.

Music is universal, and many of its forms are applicable to all times. Therefore, the song continues to be as relevant and meaningful as when it was written, impulsing those who are on the journey of personal development and self-transformation.

The “GROW” song found in ALPHA CENTAURI’s catalog defines their musical style, fusing guitar sounds that are both funky and soulful alongside an infectious array of bass lines, rhythmic beats, and joyous brass section notes while electrifying sax solos add so much spice to the storyline. The “Grow” single may be the key stone of the modeled career. It is characterized by the moving tune and vigorous message. This way the song evidences the creative progress of ALPHA CENTAURI and indicates how far he has come as an artist.

Enjoy Below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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