American-Gospel Rapper, Renowned Releases A new song ‘Christian Center’


American Gospel Rap Act, Renowned has shared a new song song off his Deep Live Album, A christian Centre.

‘A Christian’s Center’ is the last song on his 1st Album, Deep Love. He started to consider rapping prior to officially doing it in 2022. Early October of 2022 is when he released Deep Love on Spotify. He is autistic and has Aspergers Syndrome, which is part of the reason why he have a passionate drive for his rapping in music. He have always had an ear for music. Language was his best subject in school and he always loved words and word play. He loved rhyming and the delivery of the flow of words. He loves Jesus, and his main mission is to shine his light to affect people who listen to his Christian Rap. He want to lead people to Christ. He like to talk deeply about God on his youtube channel, RENOWNED and he has a kind and gentle heart.

His Album, Deep Love was made from his iphone on garage band. He managed to create great musical melodies on this album because of the instruments he was exposed to. Part of what he was influenced by affected his album, Deep Love. This album has 10 tracks and is 16 minutes in total.
A Christian’s Center was made from a guitar sound layered with an attractive keyboard note. Although it is repeated, it is still an attractive melody for the average listener. A Christian’s Center is a little less than 2 minutes and the lines, “Who cares about cash or lime in the soul? Sole importance ‘ll have you if havin’ light with the Lord of lords.” That line was probably one of the stronger lines in the whole song. Who really cares about fame, money, or the lime light when it comes down to the soul of your heart? What’s really important is being in the light with God; being for God and not going against Him.
Listen to the new song below;
Written by
Barbie Edonia


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