Amills Releases Melancholic and Poetic Single ‘For a Week or Two’


The slow, melancholy, and poetic song “For a Week or Two” by pop artist Amills has been released.

Amills is a 21-year-old singer, producer, guitarist, and musician who has been working on her projects at her home studio.

She is incredibly mastered, and her latest single demonstrates this because she created the entire song herself, from songwriting to recording and mastering.

She is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who utilizes her voice to address challenging subjects using an experimental production style with rock elements.

She comes from a rock music background, and her producing style blends elements of pop, trap, alternative, and indie rock.

She draws inspiration from rock musicians such as Richie Kotzen, grunge-pop performers such as Avril Levigne, contemporary R&B acts like Always Never and the XXX, as well as underground emo-rap acts like $uicideboy$, Lund, Bones, SAINt JHn, Nothing Nowhere, and Lil Peep.

Her most recent song, “For a Week or Two,” is a moving and insightful song that explores the complex emotions of wanting a momentary escape from reality and the battle against addiction’s hold on one’s life.

After the release of ‘Bloodstream’ in August 2022, which included Fix, “For a Week or Two” marks her first release for the year 2023. The fresh path Amills is taking is indicated by this new song.

Both the music and the tone of the song are incredibly catchy. With her sultry and wonderful vocals, Amiils puts us in a sentimental atmosphere.

Following its appearance on BBC Introducing prior to its release, the song has already achieved popularity on social media.

On June 23, 2023, the song’s official video is expected to be published. Fans

Stream ‘For a week or two’ on Spotify below;

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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