Angel Pearson’s Soulful Journey: Deep diving into “Surrender”


Angel Christina Pearson, born and raised in California, is out with her newest EP, “Surrender”. The musical roots of Angel have always been in Gospel and rhythm and blues. Coming back to Christ with her latest release has been a complete circle journey for her.

She initially followed music in the territory of R&B and her way back to her spiritual roots kept leading her. This is her first EP, done in the Gospel genre, and infuses R&B textures to make her signature sound. By means of this EP, Angel portrays her different dimensions, starting with her soulful vocals and ending with personal words.

Her past experience as an opening act for artists such as Fantasia and Patti Labelle, today Angel is looking forward to a new chapter in her life where she seeks to become an opening act for the kingdom of heaven. With “Surrender”, Angel wants the audience to accompany him into this beautiful musical journey of faith, reflections and surrender to a higher power.

Angel Pearson’s latest EP “Surrender” is a musical diary of her transitioning and transformational spirituality journey. She is inviting the listeners to participate with her in this journey by offering enlightened music. Don’t miss “Surrender” the beautiful, soul stirring melodies that will bring u spirits high and renew your faith.

Stream Full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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