Antone Proler Releases Captivating Single ‘I’ve Got the Keys to Heaven’ and Shines in the Great American Song Contest


Antone Proler Releases Quintessential Recording of “I’ve Got the Keys to Heaven” Following International Recognition

With his recent success as a Top 500 Finalist in the prestigious Great American Song Contest, Portland-based singer Antone Proler is creating a stir in the music industry.

The recognition comes for his captivating song “I’ve Got the Keys to Heaven,” which has now been released as part of a four-track EP featuring masterfully produced original songs.

Antone Proler set out on a quest to write timeless, singable tunes with arrangements for a 16-piece band, drawing inspiration from the big band renaissance of the 1950s and 1960s.

They worked with retired Coast Guard Band arranger Robert Langslet and famous Portland recording facility The Hallowed Halls to record each song as a live performance utilizing analog equipment, capturing the feel of that time period.

This strategy tried to replicate the mystique and sincerity present in old albums.

Proler’s classic tenor voice and playful songwriting perfectly complement Langslet’s meticulous arrangements, reminiscent of the great partnerships that shaped the genre.

The album features some of Portland’s finest jazz musicians, showcasing their expert musicianship and executing each arrangement with precision and energy.

Proler’s charismatic vocal performances add an extra layer of charm and captivation to the music. The result is a display of mature musicianship on every level, all while maintaining accessibility and never alienating the audience.

What sets Antone Proler apart as an exciting artist to watch is his commitment to creating new songs within a genre that often relies on reinterpreting the classics.

While many artists are content with revisiting the songs of previous generations, Proler’s promise of more albums in the future brings a fresh injection of energy into this classic sound.

It’s an exciting prospect to envision him continuing to push boundaries and offer his unique perspective to the world of jazz music.

As Antone Proler’s star continues to rise, his recent success in the Great American Song Contest serves as a testament to his talent and dedication.

With his EP featuring the quintessential recording of “I’ve Got the Keys to Heaven,” he solidifies his position as an artist to watch in the jazz music scene, promising more captivating and original music to come.

Stream Full Album below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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