Ato-Mik released the fiery lead track “Wanna Come Through” off their Season 3 Extended Play.


Ato-Mik has just released the blazing lead single “Wanna Come Through” off thei upcoming Season 3 Extended Play. Ato-Mik, the incredible brother music duo consisting of Atom and Mikey, are poised to burst into the market with their debut single, “Wanna Come Through,” off of their highly anticipated Season 3 Extended Play (E.P.). This beautiful song describes the exhilarating experience of realizing one has fallen in love at first sight.

Ato-Mik never ceases to wow audiences with the one-of-a-kind tunes and faultless harmonies that they perform at each and every one of their concerts. Their one-of-a-kind sound has won them devoted followers and the acclaim of critics, and now the dynamic duo is getting ready to take their careers to the next level.

Ato-Mik is now in the process of rebranding itself with a new look and sound, promising music that will connect with fans all around the globe. Season 3 is currently underway.
The song “Wanna Come Through” is only a taste of what Ato-Mik has in store for its loyal fans; the band has much more to offer. It’s a fascinating whole that pushes the boundaries of what R&B, pop, and house can be combined into.

The song, both musically and lyrically, portrays the pleasure, excitement, and wonder of love at first sight, and it is able to take listeners to the experience of this one-of-a-kind phenomenon. Amazing would be an understatement to describe what Ato-Mik has done in terms of capturing the essence of something as ubiquitous as love.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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