Audran Collaborates With Colleague Actor And Musician Oscar Lesage on New Song called Plastiq


Audran presents a new single taken from his next EP EMOJI. This time he is accompanied by his friend, actor and musician Oscar Lesage, with whom he was at the Free Class of Cours Florent. Their collaboration had already started during their studies, then with the first EP of Audran “2K22” where Oscar had produced the single FALAISE.

Here, they couple their texts and tell us about their plastic, empty, digitized generation, but
despite everything close-knit and lucid, who hopes to find solutions in this chaos.

This 8-track EP is an auditory short film A 30-minute journey that tells the eventful night of a young
questioning man. Faithful to his favorite subjects, Audran presents texts still cynical but full of hope.
Indeed, the beginning of the EP reminds us of the dark universe of 2K22, – his previous project – but little by little, piece after piece, the instrumentals and the texts take on a sunny and soothing hue. As if the
maturity of the character had grown during this night.

A kind of epiphany in the early morning. Title after title, audran appears lighter, liberated, as if he had found the answers to the many questions he asks. Insomnia finally brought him to understanding of his deepest fears, to which each can identify with listening to EMOJI.

He has already released 3 songs off the EP and the full Ep is scheduled to be released on March 23rd, 2023.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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