Austin rapper ADOM releases “Virtues and Vices” as lead single from forthcoming album


ADOM, the Austin, Texas-based rapper and producer, has just released his latest track titled “Virtues and Vices.” This song takes center stage as the lead single from his upcoming album “WhoADOMIs: 1st Edition.”

In “Virtues and Vices,” ADOM delves deep into his own humanity, reflecting on the ongoing interplay between his strengths and flaws. With candid lyrics, he paints a picture of his journey, highlighting the reality of his experiences and showcasing his determination to make the most of what life presents.

When questioned about the inspiration driving “Virtues and Vices,” ADOM candidly expresses that it was crucial for him to showcase his relatability as an individual with his own set of strengths and weaknesses. This track serves as a cornerstone of his upcoming album, infusing it with an authentic touch that encapsulates his genuine self.

ADOM’s self-proclaimed moniker “ADonofMusic” is a testament to his versatility in music creation. Melding various hip-hop influences, ranging from boombap and trap to g-funk and more, he proves himself to be a dedicated aficionado of all things hip-hop, as long as it’s characterized by its sheer brilliance.

The release of “WhoADOMIs: 1st Edition” and the impactful message of “Virtues and Vices” are sure to¬† his presence in the rap and hip-hop scene.

ADOM dubs himself the “A Don of Music” due to his ability to blend a variety of hip-hop influences in his craft.

With an impressive musical repertoire, he describes himself as a “lifelong fan from all angles – boombap, trap, g-funk, and beyond.”

His innovative approach to music creation draws from these diverse sources, resulting in a distinctive sound that’s a fusion of his deep appreciation for the various facets of hip-hop culture.

This dynamic blend of influences shines through in his latest release “Virtues and Vices,” where he skillfully weaves together elements from his eclectic musical palette to deliver a track that resonates with authenticity and creativity.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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