Bachot Muna announces his new single ‘From City To City Everything Jostles Me’


For Bachot Muna, life is full of colour and vibrancy, even through his darkest periods. His music is a reflection of that and his latest single “De Ville En Ville Tout Me Bouscule” which translates to ‘From City To City Everything Jostles Me’, follows suit. The afro-jazz artist continues to demonstrate his ability to share stories through emotive vocals, instrumentation and lyrics.

“From City To City Everything Jostles Me’ is an autobiographical song,” explains Bachot Muna, “It tells the story of a young man born in the city, but grows up in a small village hidden in the jungle.” The song follows the young man as he enjoys a peaceful life in the jungle, but it’s juxtaposed with the fear of predators and war that come with living there. Leaving behind his family and his love, he sets off on an adventure in search of a better life. However, when he reaches Europe, he writes home to his love and describes the huge crowd, soulless streets and the noise and misery of the Western world. His dream is shattered. It seems the grass here is no greener. But no matter where he is, the young man reminds himself of the love he has for his sweetheart back home.

As the original title suggests, the song is performed in French, the romance of the language adding emotion and soul. The sorrowful tone of the piano underpins the darkness of the track, but the electronic rhythm gives the song a lighter feel, alleviating some of the weight. While the
drums keep the listener tapping their feet, it’s the words that hold the power, delivered by Bachot Muna in expressive spoken lyrics “From town to town, I walk away from you, I walk away from myself.” Between the vocals, a female voice weaves in and out, as if his lover’s voice calls to him somewhere in the distance.

Layers of warm synth and a sweeping electric guitar solo support the heaviness of the pain written in the words, “Here too, it is war, it kills, it cries, it’s delirium.” Bachot Muna has found the perfect balance between powerful instrumentation and vocal delivery without overstepping the essence
of the story. “Yes to survive, because I love you, I love you” are the final words of the song, leaving the listener to contemplate that love is the answer to all.

Forever a creative, Bachot Muna is a self-taught musician. He used his innovation and creativity to learn his craft, such as drawing pianos onto paper to learn the keyboard or memorising melodies, as a child. He would eventually go on to join the band Man-Walk, before garnering skills not just as a musician but as a sound engineer and producer too, which was illustrated in his fourth solo album ‘Africa Sa.’ Whatever the project, Bachot Muna strives for imagination and experimentation, fusing together his stories in an assortment of genres that always leave his audience wanting more.

Listen below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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