Bachot Muna’s Song “Petit Model” Tells The Story Of Heartbreak


Afro jazz artist Bachot Muna is a storyteller through and through. Whether he’s capturing a fictional tale or drawing from his own life experiences, his music weaves engaging lyrics with melodic soundscapes into his signature songwriting. His latest single ‘Petit Model’ from 2017 album ‘Afro Dance (Afro Dance Hight Life)’, is no stranger to this, as he tells the story of heartbreak.

Based on his own experience, ‘Petit Model’ was inspired by his past lover, a ‘rital’, meaning a 4th generation Italian in Belgium. Blindsided by her beauty, Bachot Muna fell in love with her, but the more time they spent together, the more Bachot Muna began to notice her troublemaking personality. Over time, her turbulent behaviour became too much and after the significance of one particularly destructive evening, it was the beginning of the end for the relationship. “Not easy to live with, my heart is divided. Do I have to run away or do I have to stay?” sings Bachot Muna, torn by the torment of this love affair.

While the subject matter might be one of pain, ‘Petit Model’ is energetic and colourful. Afro dance rhythms, stabbing horn sections and catchy melodies, give this song an upbeat spirit, and demonstrates Bachot Muna’s ability to shape-shift and experiment with his styles and moods.
The rap section two-thirds of the way through highlights Bachot Muna’s vocal versatility, with an easy flow, giving the song extra dimension and dynamics. The acoustic guitar also enjoys a solo section, embellishing the theme of the main melody. A combination of fun instrumentation and Bachot Muna’s distinct voice will leave listeners wanting to dance all night long, leaving their worries of heartbreak behind.
Based in Brussels, Bachot Muna is a self-taught musician, first learning to sing while in school. Wanting to accompany his voice, he began teaching himself the piano, even though he had no access to a piano at home. He would memorise piano exercises and pretend to play them on pieces of paper, imitating keyboards.
Gathering together his friends, he created a band called Man-Walk, expanding on his music skills, by becoming a sound engineer and producer too, before releasing his own solo music, including the fourth album ‘Africa Sa’. Whether he’s conducting orchestras, winning awards, or producing his own music, Bachot Muna puts his heart and soul into everything he does.!

Stream the new song below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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