BDS Regent’s song “Naturel High” challenges the stigma surrounding cannabis use in France, highlighting the broader social implications of this stigmatization


In an effort to dispel the negative stereotype that surrounds cannabis users in France, BDS Regent, the musical innovator at the nexus of genres, has set out on a transforming trip. The Regent’s most recent song, “Naturel High,” is a sincere homage to marijuana that blends trap, rap, and reggae in an original way. It avoids endorsing cannabis but instead embraces a genuine and responsible story that speaks to a compelling social reality.

Looking ahead to BDS Regent’s musical landscape, it is abundantly evident that this artist’s development has been nothing short of exhilarating. BDS Regent released its debut single in 2023, along with an incredible music video created by Plug Production.

A new era has begun with the release of this song, which promises a string of powerful hits set in an electro-rap cosmos. Additionally, the intriguing possibility of an EP in the works raises the possibility of even another thrilling surprise in store for both fans and music lovers.

BDS Regent’s musical journey traces back to the late 1990s, when the artist operated under the pseudonym Cyril Thys and was involved with bands like THC, Nothys, Cyclo, and the D’Origine Inconnue, which they themselves founded. Drawing inspiration from Jamaican luminaries such as Delroy Wilson, Phyllis Dillon, and Leonard ‘The Ethiopian’ Dillon, BDS Regent artfully melds ska, rocksteady, and reggae with the rich tapestry of French song.

The mere presence of both “Paris” in their stage name and the title of their EP ensures that the enchantment of the French capital is never far from their musical exploration.

In the opening track, aptly named ‘Paris Fou,’ BDS Regent pays homage to the vibrant City of Lights, capturing its effervescent spirit through music. Yet, this musical journey extends beyond the city’s iconic landmarks.

In the acoustic ballad ‘You Take Your Time,’ reminiscent of the musical stylings of Tryo, BDS Regent’s evocative lyrics celebrate the diversity of their beloved city, shedding light on the myriad stories and experiences that make up the mosaic of Paris.

As BDS Regent’s music continues to evolve and transcend boundaries, it remains a beacon of artistic expression and social consciousness. With each track and every verse, BDS Regent challenges perceptions, embracing the dynamic fusion of genres to create a unique and resonant sound that captivates audiences and sparks meaningful conversations about the world we live in.

Listen to “Naturel High” on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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