BELQIS, a singer from Frankfurt, released her album Sleepwalking.


Frankfurt-based musician BELQIS smoothly moves between worlds, languages, and genres. She released her German EP, “Illusion,” in early summer and her English EP, “Insomnia,” in the fall, preferring musical diversity over pigeonholing and now “Sleepwalking.”

“Sleepwalking” is a musical journey that seamlessly blends old and new tunes. The album features interludes from the EPs “Insomnia” and “Illusion,” an alternate piano version of “Dark,” and spoken word performances, making it engaging. Reality and dreams combine in the tracklist, creating a lyrical experience.

BELQIS describes “Sleepwalking” as a blend of “Illusion” and “Insomnia.” Daydreaming in “Illusion” keeps you awake in “Insomnia.” Two piano ballads frame the EPs, producing a unified narrative that presents the same story through different musical lenses.

“Destruction in the Name of Love,” the album’s theme, unites the four songs. The song explores restlessness, self-sabotage, and love’s complexity via emotional instability. BELQIS vividly depicts being blinded by love, self-sabotaging, and believing in genuine love.

BELQIS displays industry-class visuals to accompany her music. She uses visualizers for each song on her EP “Insomnia.” as a DIY musician without a record deal. These visualizers record diverse sleeping and waking scenes in different locations, providing dimension to the listening experience.

Besides the digital release, BELQIS offers a limited edition book with behind-the-scenes album concept details. Fans get a deluxe album experience with songs, story explanations, poems, and images in the book.

“Sleepwalking” is for dreamers, night owls, emotional souls, and free spirits. BELQIS’ 13 tracks smoothly blend genres and transport listeners to a universe where words and melodies mingle.

Stream full Album below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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