Benin’s Talented Duo Landry+ Unveils New Single “Ce Nawa”


Benin’s Talented Duo Landry+ Unveils New Single “Ce Nawa” and Teases Upcoming Album “Minlonou”

Hailing from Benin, the dynamic duo Landry Padonou, a clarinet-flutist-saxophonist-composer-arranger, and Landry Dannon Magnidet, a guitarist-composer, joined forces in 2016 to form the captivating acoustic duo known as Landry+.

Drawing inspiration from their Beninese roots, Landry+ creates a unique fusion of acoustic and contemporary sounds.

Their lyrics, written and sung in Fon (their mother tongue) and French, delve into various social themes such as love, hope, courage, the empowerment of women, education, and personal life experiences.

In addition to their musical endeavors, Landry+ actively engages in raising awareness among young people through tours in colleges, high schools, and universities across Benin.

Their commitment to the youth and their meaningful lyrics have resonated deeply with audiences, establishing them as influential voices in the music scene.

The duo’s music seamlessly blends modern acoustic elements with traditional Beninese rhythms, creating a vibrant and captivating sonic experience.

Their debut album, “Aflimi,” featuring twelve tracks, was released in late 2018 and received critical acclaim. Landry+ has graced numerous musical stages throughout Benin and even participated in the renowned program “Africa has an incredible talent.”

They also showcased their talent at the International Meetings of the Arts of Orality (RIAO) in Benin, further solidifying their reputation as versatile and talented musicians.

Exciting news awaits Landry+ fans as they eagerly anticipate the duo’s upcoming album, titled “Minlonou.”

This highly anticipated second album promises to deliver a rich musical tapestry, showcasing their growth and evolution as artists. With their signature blend of acoustic melodies and Beninese rhythms, “Minlonou” is set to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression.

To build anticipation for the album, Landry+ has released a new single called “Ce Nawa,” which immerses listeners in an authentic African vibe.

The song perfectly exemplifies their ability to infuse their music with a pure and captivating energy, transporting audiences to the heart of Benin’s vibrant musical landscape.

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey filled with cultural richness and musical brilliance as Landry+ continues to enchant audiences with their extraordinary talent and compelling compositions.

Stream Ce Nawa on Spotify below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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