Benjamin Navy Dances Through Heartbreak with Afro-Inspired Sounds in ‘In My Face’


“In My Face” by Benjamin Navy is a movement through the pain of heartbreak as we dance with the controlled burning rage of afro-inspired sounds. The song radiates the romance and warmth as its melancholic tune and the lyrics imbibe with the phenomena of all human relationships.

“In my face” is the quintessence of catharsis; dancing away all the agony – that is the purpose. In this regard, Benjamin Nayl’s quiet sincere vocals hit that familiar chord, capturing that sense of vulnerability and interior monologue that accompanies the highs and lows of that uncertain clarity of emotions where two people are not sure where they are standing emotionally.

“In My Face” a showcase of the confusion of the modern times relationships and the ambivalent savors of love in general. The song deeply identifies this unparalleled bond between two people followed by painful perplexity when the love is unrequited which relates to anyone who has experienced the most emotional turmoil in heartbreaks.

Through the compelling rhythm and vivid lyrics, “In My Face” gives people a fun and denervation either from rejection or remain full of longing somewhere. It is a popular saying about the universal human condition when everyone look for love or a closer social bond but ends up frustrating or being deceived.

For the troubled Benjamin Navy, the writing of “In My Face” represented a therapeutic voyage in which he quit his grieving and came with the truth about love and loss. The track is telling us a story and it’s a story that we often refuse to believe it is true: the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard we try and how much we love someone, they might just not stay. But that’s alright, we all have our own paths to follow.

Through the deft hands of Benjamin Navy, the feeling of being brokenhearted changed into the soul affirming that the strength of the human heart is undaunted—a reminder of the human spirit’s existentialism.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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