Billy Ray Norris Releases Debut EP, Spotlights “Her Daddy Has A Shotgun’


This past year Billy Ray Norris dropped his debut album, “A Little Dose of Heaven,” on that infamous stage running moonshine from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Abilene, Texas. Fortunately there was no damage from his clumsiness, and the musical elixir safely reached its drawling destinations. “Her Daddy Had A Shotgun” quickly became a foot-stomping fan favorite, providing a fast-acting remedy for congestion of the soul.

Stream “Her Daddy Had A Shotgun” below

Billy Ray is a star-powered doctor by day and moon-shining artist by night. In between crisis calls on Thanksgiving 2022, he wrote “Just Yesterday,” inspired by the couples he encouraged to give their relationships another chance. “Just Yesterday” will drop on April 22, 2023, and promises to be an upbeat Country hit! Click here for a sneak peak! “Love is everything!” Billy Ray Norris.

Country artist Billy Ray Norris, as Dr. Kai Swigart, uses music as medicine. He was the healer who helped surfer Bethany Hamilton get back on her feet again after the shark attack, and this USA TODAY article explains how he used music to make it happen. CITIZENS.AM RADIO, a subsidiary of Charitable Humans, asked Billy Ray for a 30 minute RADIO SPOT, produced as a TV Interview, discussing the somewhat secretive Billy Ray and his music.

In “Billy Ray Norris X Rebecca Jade = It’s Complicated,” Tiare Pito, a music reviewer for GAS MASK MAGAZINE, says “Managing to stay true to his own unique musical style, it is still impressive how with each song he creates, Billy Ray Norris manages to give all their own distinct personality and sound. A true artist, we highly recommend that you go and listen to the rest of “A Little Dose of Heaven” if you haven’t already!”

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Barbie Edonia


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