Canada’s Dax Releases Soulful “Life” to Mend Broken Hearts and Reflect on Life’s Trials


Rapper and vocalist Dax based in Canada released a soul enraging tune titled “Life,” that captivates the soul and heals the broken hearted over the misfortunes about life and going through its ups and downs.

Dax has a unique way He views issues in the world as a musician. He draws his influences from the word of God, with a little blend of the style and composure of rapper, Tupac along with his brilliant poetry.

“Life” is one of his songs that testifies his distinctiveness and creativity as an artist. The song carries lyrical messages of encouragement that boosts the energy of the listener, elaborating the situations where life keeps getting difficult on the way as one works towards success.

Where these difficulties and hurdles may break you down or even decrease your morale towards goal attainment but this song “Life” gives you a morale boost that no matter the situation or where you may find yourself in life God has the power to turn things around so all you have to do is to grab the opportunity each blessed day that you have Life and attack the day as a new one with new blessings.

As my favorite line in the hook of the song sings “This life gets real hard and sometimes you may feel out of your place” but one thing I accept and took from this song is when life gets hard we don’t have to fold but rather close our eyes, pray and continue to move by faith.

Also, the flow and style of delivery by Dax on the song is incredible. The rhymes, melodies and poetry delivered on the song is astonishing. For sure Dax is that kind of guy every rap music lover and listener will be expecting that from.

The instrumental of the song is phenomenal the guitar progression, kicks and base come together to form a groove that resonates the soul and mind to listen to something epic.
The instrumental also has some fine transitions and the mixing and mastering on the project is a standard one for a world class artist like Dax.

“Life has already hit 1.6 million views in one month on YouTube and is doing extremely well on the music digital stores. It’s no surprise a song as good as this will continue to reach milestones.
According to Dax what he has to tell his fans, music lovers and the world is “Life get’s hard. KEEP GOING”

Stream Life on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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