Capturing the Vulnerability Of Heartbreak In Shannen Bamford’s “Addicted”


The new single from Shannen Bamford,” Addicted,” not only dissects the depths of heartbreak but also offers a fresh approach to the issue. That one is not supposed to blame everyone else but take a look at the inner world of pain is important for recovery is highlighted in the lyrics. The song is intended to reveal the addictive sensation of those people who are looking for having euphoric moments even though they know that it hurts so much, like it is in the main vocal hook, “I’m addicted to the pain!”

The uniqueness of “Addicted” lies in the way it is approaching a pain of the broken heart from another unusual angle. The song lyrics do not hide the issue of personal responsibility because she also thinks that it is possible that her own actions are the reason for the sorrow. The last words, however bitter, won’t be about inescapable condemnation. Instead, she confronts the addictive cycle of seeking thrills no matter the pain they cause.

Shannen Bamford

All these elements of production conform to the depth of the song’s emotions. The honey-like sound of the guitars provides a beautiful-filled background that envelops Shannen’s tender but mighty voice. Loving synth sounds steer the listener towards gloominess, whereas beautiful guitar picking give the song body.

Low bass line provides the beat and serves as the foundation around which the song is constructed, while the piano chords add a soothing and inviting touch to the melody. The sheer transparency of Shannen is clear in every note such that she handles the complexities of heartache with leaf-like sincerity.

“Addicted” is a lyrical inspiration on how to survive our own fragilities and blunders by necessity. By means of inward lyrics and emotional performance, Shannen Bamford encourages the listener to explore their pain and follow the healing journey to discover their true self.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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