Check out Peter Lake’s newest song, “Colors of Suspension,” and his enigmatic musical journey.


Peter Lake, the enigmatic singer-songwriter, has recently unveiled his latest musical creation, “Colors of Suspension.”

This mesmerizing track seamlessly blends electronic synthesizers with the soulful melodies of traditional jazz horns, transporting listeners to a nostalgic realm.

Inspired by Lake’s childhood memories of watching food-coloring dissolve in water, the song evokes a sense of simplicity and tranquility.

Adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to “Colors of Suspension” is the captivating vocals of Lake’s talented friend, Yousha.

As a skilled songwriter herself, Yousha joins forces with Lake to create a captivating soundscape that resonates with a sense of longing and nostalgia.

Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Lake recounts a moment spent with a young boy he mentors, seeking solace from a challenging day.

Together, they engaged in the meditative act of watching food-coloring dissolve in water, embracing a moment of pure peace and vibrant colors.

It is this cherished memory that serves as the foundation for “Colors of Suspension.”

With a musical journey spanning nearly two years, Peter Lake has already amassed an impressive following, accumulating over 60 million streams on Spotify and YouTube.

Supported by a dedicated fanbase of around one million followers on Instagram, the release of “Colors of Suspension” has been eagerly anticipated.

Immersed in anonymity, Peter Lake, a Canadian-born artist now based in New York City, finds solace in his privacy. Rejecting conventional record deals, he believes that his ability to create music is safeguarded by his anonymity, allowing him to work with unconventional partners and explore new artistic avenues.

Lake’s passion for his craft is reflected in his commitment to live performances solely through web-based platforms, enabling him to focus wholeheartedly on writing and recording original music that defies genre boundaries.

Influenced by a diverse range of musical icons such as Neil Young, Max Martin, David Bowie, Motown, and Drake, Peter Lake’s songs are an amalgamation of house beats, gritty guitar riffs, and a fusion of traditional chants and natural sounds. This unique blend defies categorization, captivating listeners with its distinctiveness.

When asked about his aspirations, Peter Lake boldly declares his desire to awaken each day and create music, fueled by the ambition to one day write and perform what will be recognized as the greatest song in history—a composition that transcends time and defines the essence of humanity for centuries to come.

“Colors of Suspension” is now available for streaming on all major music platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in Peter Lake’s captivating musical world.

Check it out on Spotify below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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