Cheryl Craigie New Single Offers Hope and Unwavering Commitment amid Struggle and Despair


Independent artist and singer-songwriter, Cheryl Craigie, has just released a new single “Rescue.” Her cover of the song by Lauren Daigle offers a hopeful and unwavering commitment to a loved one struggling. The soft tempo of the song, blended with a gospel feel of optimism is what makes this version of “Rescue” so compelling. “Rescue” is a powerful rendition of Lauren Daigle’s original song, evoking a range of emotions from despair to hope. With her mesmerizing and soothing voice, Cheryl takes listeners on an emotional journey that showcases her passion and commitment to creating deep and heartfelt music. Her musical style is a unique combination of genres, all characterized by a common thread of being meaningful and thought-provoking.

“The lyrics to ‘Rescue’ are powerful and relatable sentiments of letting a loved one know you are there for them no matter what,” said Cheryl. “The music in ‘Rescue’ evokes so many strong feelings– fear, potential loss, worry, but most of all hope. My goal when recording the song was to express those emotions and remind listeners that you can never overstate your commitment to someone who needs
your unconditional love and support.”

“Rescue” is her fifth release. Cheryl has already established herself as a skilled singer-songwriter, having garnered acclaim for her previous releases, most recently her cover of the Chris Stapleton song “Cold.” Her original songs include “Soft Place to Fall” and “Martini Morning.” All vocals in “Rescue”, including the choir, are adeptly performed by Cheryl and demonstrate her vocal range. She also does all her own
instrumentation on the single. Her wide variety of music genres carry an emotional depth and sincerity and elicit a unique response from all who hear them. Overall, “Rescue” is a beautiful and inspiring piece of music that highlights Craigie’s talent and dedication to creating earnest music that connects with listeners.

Cheryl Craigie is an independent singer, songwriter and musician. Singing since childhood, her passion for composing original music has blossomed in recent years. Her original songs evoke powerful emotions about love and life. To date, she has co-produced five songs with Eric Goldberg, including two originals.
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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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