Christopher-James Shares a new song called “Fall Again”


Christopher-James continue his serie of monthly releases with the seventh single and fourth video for his song entitled “Fall again”. The musical composition of this new track was created by Terence Mac and attempts to convey a melancholy mood by adding piano notes while the drums add energy and a driving rhythm.

In “Fall Again”, CJ discusses how he has made some progress throughout the years and how he
has become more emotionally stable. As the title suggests, he is afraid of “falling again”. Falling into his bad habits, falling emotionally, falling in people’s esteem.

Trying to justify his emotions and answer to people who might think he’s not enough, he tells us how hard he works every day to make his people proud: “Sometimes I wish I could show them how hard I work when they are asleep”. When he says that he has left his mercybon the road, he means that he’s done worrying about what people think of his actions, and that he’s done trying to please
everyone. All he cares about now is himself and his family.

In his second verse, he makes a projection, and he explains how people’s behavior will change
when he achieves his goals. He has already started to notice some changes now that he doesn’t try to satisfy these people anymore. He ends his song by saying that the challenges he faced have helped him become a more positive and resilient person.

This is a message to anyone who doubts him, even if he takes a step back, he won’t break.
Mixed and mastered by Christopher-James himself and distributed by Nueva Vista/Symphonic.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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