Chronicles Of A Fourth Group’s new song, “Open relationship blues,” encourages us to pursue our dreams no matter how late in life they may be.


“Open Relationship Blues”, the first album of the Chronicles Of A Fourth group, proves that it is never too late to chase your dreams. The band is new but the music is more refined than ever. It is released strong, intense and extreme: the performance anxiety typical of beginners is not perceived. The group is made up of musicians with extensive experience: Eric Van Aro, Alberto Pinelli, Marcello “Bread” Schena and Antonio “Aki” Chindamo. The album immerses itself in classic folk notes and blues atmosphere; but the theme is about nothing of the kind. According to the artists, “Open Relationship Blues” is a conceptual album that explores the romantic relationship between two gay men who work in the entertainment industry and lead separate lives on two different continents. Normally, you don’t hear a folk/rock song that explores lgbtq+ feelings every day, but this band proves that you can follow the rock style and deal with modern themes at the same time.

The results are fantastic; the sounds of banjos and guitars emerge loud and clear, the singer’s voice is more marked and expressive than ever and the lyrics of the songs address the weaknesses of love and the fear of loss in the relationship. Chronicles Of A Fourth is a new project by a group composed of European members, one of which is a mix of Italian, German, Swiss, French and English culture. The band’s name refers to an individual usually referred to as the “third culture kid”. The meaning of the English expression indicates a person raised in a culture different from that of their parents or their country of origin.

The result of this process usually exposes these people to much deeper cultural experiences, which are likely to be reflected in the music in this case. Several songs from the latter album have already received a number of rave reviews from top musicians and critics. Their music is said to appeal to fans of artists such as Better Than Ezra, Nick Drake, Billy Joel, John Meyer, Bon Iver and Vance Joy.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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