Congolese musician Nzela expresses dissatisfaction with extended presidential tenure in a brand-new song


Since entering the reggae scene, Nzela has identified himself with the consistency of his commitment. Drawing inspiration from the political failings and social tragedies of Africa and elsewhere, Nzela concocts a reggae that is as conscious as it is bewitching.

After the silence imposed by the Corona virus pandemic and confinement, the group once again marks the news with a single entitled “Coup KO”. Borrowing a campaign slogan favored by Francophone African heads of state seeking re-election, “Coup KO” denounces Presidents who grant themselves unlimited terms through constitutional amendments: “Premier vote, coup KO!” first term; second vote, knockout! second term; third term vote, knockout, third term!…”

With its lyrics that marry a very appropriate instrumentation, “Coup KO”, more than a warning (“Imagine when the people will rise”), appears, through its rebellious bass, the rumblings of a people ready to fight. with autocrats greedy for public money and huddled in power. Although anchored in the Songs of the rebels by which the group is illustrated since its genesis, a loop of Kora forms the melody. Openness is another hallmark of the group. As for the dub, they never get tired of it. Proponents of constitutional tampering had better listen to Nzela’s prophecy: “They’ll spin like filthy little rats […] They’ll leave without diamonds, like Bokassa, It’s always like that.”

Stream ‘Coup Ko’ on
Nzelamusic Official Website

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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