Corio’s Raw Emotion Shines in ‘Who Needs a Friend’: A Lyrical Journey Through Relationships


Fast-rising musician Corio, has recently released a track called ” Who Needs a Friend,” that is all about the ups and downs of relationships. This soulful lyrics is guaranteed to keep you listening. Through inscriptive lyrics and emotional rapping style, Corio goes into the detail of love and friendship trials and affairs, and that is what makes you glued to the very beginning.

This song starts with Corio telling his audience about a rainy day that he had when he was leaving a love behind, making the framework for a story that deals with repeating nature of relationships. In the course of the track, Corio’s rap drops reveal one bit of discontent, synchronized emotions, and feeling vulnerable without leaving a single stone unturned for the audience to have a taste of his life.

The exceptional feature of ‘Who Needs a Friend’ is its creation of a rich voice by the thorough dynamics and sensitivity of Corio’s vocal performance. Every cadence and accent is painstakingly composed to trigger a specific feeling, guaranteeing that those who hear this music connect with Corio on a deep, spiritual level. By being so emotional remembering his memories, Corio shares from the deepest of his heart, without fear to show his inner demons and problems.

The song’s instrumental setup matches perfectly with the heartfelt emotions Corio expresses, making an entrancing rhythm that blends bits of rap, R&B, and soul to give it a classic and unique style. The unflagging bassline and its relaxing low tones make Corio’s voice sound dynamic in contrast to the music. This sustained flow carries the listener from start to finish and leaves a lasting impression.

In “Who Needs a Friend,” Corio is candid about the pain and dismay that sprung up when the people around him didn’t have his back. His simple horror and openness make anyone who’s been in a relationship and had any sort of betrayal or abandonment experience, identify with this song, and it becomes an authentic, cathartic listen.

This track is a masterpiece of lyrics that are both powerful and emotion evoking vocals, corroborated by an equally impressive instrumental arrangement, sure to leave anyone affected.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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