“Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas” by Stephen Altschuler, A Road Song of Reflection and Imagination Is Finally out


The intriguing tune “Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas” by renowned musician Stephen Altschuler has recently been released. The song leads listeners on a memorable road trip that is full with relatable feelings and pictures.

After divorcing his second wife, Altschuler made a few trips to Las Vegas and take a road trip to San Francisco and the life event he experincened is behind his new song “Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas”

With a little poetic license, Altschuler creates a tale that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of road journeys and the feelings associated with looking to the future after letting go of the past.

A road journey for the soul, “Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas” is more than just a song. The song conjures up images of carefree adventurers traveling down an open highway while leaving the burden of the past behind and looking forward to better times.

The song resonates with listeners who have known the excitement and freedom of leaving behind the concerns and difficulties of daily life in order to travel.

Altschuler emphasizes our capacity for thought and reason particularly in his thoughts on life and the human predicament.

The song’s lyrics arouse a range of emotions, including contentment, happiness, melancholy, and regret. It honors the awe of having the capacity to enjoy the present, reflect on the past, and look ahead to a better future as a person.

“Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas” is a sincere and powerful composition. It is evidence of the ability of music to uplift, inspire, and serve as a reminder of the universality of the human experience.

Allow yourself to be carried away on the ride as you listen to this captivating road tune, thinking about your own experiences and goals.

The song is a call to embrace life’s ups and downs, to treasure the moments, and to hang onto hope for the better times to come.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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