Dabie Simul has released her newest single, FOGO, and it’s on FIRE!


Dabie Simul’s new music is characterised by jazz, soul, hip-hop and Afro sounds with a fresh, sexy twist. Fogo released 27th of March, exhibits her new sound, leaning more towards her jazz influences, and is the first single from her upcoming EP, A.M.O.R (At My Own Risk).

Dabie Simul is an Angolan-born, Portuguese artist with a unique flare that is shown in her art. She is a singer, songwriter and performer currently studying at Leeds Conservatoire. She always strives for a positive outlook on life, prioritising mental health, happiness and finding joy in even the smallest things. In her upcoming EP, with a genre fusion and impactful themes such as sexual affirmation, freedom from patriarchal ideologies and sisterhood amongst the female world, Dabie describes her new sound as, “the pure essence of who I’m choosing to be in this present moment.” With this new project, one of her main aims is to encourage other women to succeed and live their dreams. She achieves this through her lyrics and by
collaborating with female artists.

Fogo, meaning Fire in Portuguese, is Dabie’s second single since her solo debut single “Orgulho” in 2020 from her 2021 EP “Sete Pecados”. Orgulho was written in Portuguese and showed success across the U.K., Portugal, Angola and Brazil. This led to her first appearance on the national TV channel, RTP Africa, which was broadcasted around all the PALOPs countries.

“FOGO talks about sex, but delivers it in an elegant way rather than in an indecent manner. I wanted to show the world that sexual fantasies are cool and can be inspiring.” – Dabie Simul

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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