Daniel Young encourages us to devote more time to art with his latest single, “Help Us Get Along”


Daniel Young urges us to focus on spending time into art in his new single titled “Help Us Get Along” and it is the first song off his upcoming album, “Leave It Out To Dry.”

The lyrics of this song encourage us to let go of our concern with what the media wants us to believe and instead focus on appreciating the beauty of art. Young encouraged us to pay attention to writing, look at and appreciate art, live in the moment, and spend time with our friends and family.

The main instruments played on this song are horns, two guitars paying in harmony and loud noises. 

“Help Us Get Along” is an uplifting and cheerful piece of music where traditional country music with Americana music were combined in both modern and appealing way. The song music is upbeat and it is full of energy, and entertaining to listen to as well.

The song begins with two guitar riffs, and then the trumpets enter, which makes the introduction much more captivating. After being started with a guitar riff that is both catchy and rustic, it does not take long for the song to evolve into a joyful experience that not only provides a powerful beat but also features superb drumming and a variety of organ chords.

Daniel Young’s vocal delivery on this song is just amazing, I felt his vocals felt relaxed and somehow airy which are not only superb but also provide an immersive experience. Daniel Young’s singing is clever and funny, and the way he writes this song is lively. His voice on this song will grab your attention and pull you in.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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