Darius Christian’s Emotional Journey Unveiled in New Single ‘Entitlement’


Los Angeles based musician Darius Christian Drops Soulful Single “Entitlement”, a track that reflects upon the soulful themes of love, distress and bouncing back all together with glimpses in the singer’s personal transformation. It deciphers the lessons of packing up, the agony of loss, and moving on which makes them feel every moment.

“Entitlement” as a his new single represents the Christian’s forthcoming album and reveals his ability to be open and honest and impose melodies. A fusion of piano melody and orchestra occurs to turn the song into a majestic anthem; the music is an expression of Chris’s conviction towards the art that resonates with our emotions and thoughts.

A photo of Christian Darius

“Entitlement” chorus is like receiving a burst of energy; then, everything changes from a state of sadness to a triumphal and empowering disposition. As far as the music part is concerned the arrangement is amazing, indeed, Christian proves to be vocal multi talented and he stresses it even more with the songs already very fascinating atmosphere being filled.

The opening of the track is a prelude to anything that follows, syncing the cool and clapping rhythm pattern to echo a raw and seedy ambience. As the song progresses, Christian gives the spoken word section at the highest point of his emotions, feeling and speaking with power and purpose.

“Entitlement” is an intriguing and engaging song that is deep in meaning and emotionally significant. This song with its tenderly lyrics, harmonic tunes, brings the story to live and give it a memorable impression on the listeners.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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