Discover D.C.’s New Music Video ‘Top Spot’ and Upcoming Album ‘Kakashi’


Launching D.C., a Memphis, TN based artist whose music video “Top Spot” made its first release today, is anticipated to provide a rich and exhilarating experience to viewers. Filmed in Memphis with some members of the Blacc Royal Legacy Brand doing cameos, for more originality of the production and hometown flavor. Directed by D.C. himself and videographer Evisions, the video is one that portrays the artist’s creative mind and his love for his work.

“Top Spot” serves as an introductory song for D.C.’s upcoming album entitled “Kakashi”, which is expected to be released by the end of this year. The song has been gaining momentum since its release with over 100,000 views and plays on popular platforms including Spotify, YouTube and Instagram. “Top Spot” strikes with its addictive beats and vpapable hooks, garnering the support of many music fans and key players in the music industry, preparing the way for D.C.’s downturn in 2024.

Among the many projects that D.C. will be working on with “Top Spot”, fans can anticipate other upcoming releases throughout the year. Mixing his Memphis sound with a modern hip-hop flavor, we can certainly expect D.C. to make a mark on the music scene. Keep in tune with all DJ D.C. news and releases by following him on Instagram @DeeCee901.

“Top Spot” is only the beginning for D.C. who is very active and has a lot planned for the future- “Kakashi” and a bunch of singles in the coming months. Keep an eye on this promising artist as his career takes off and he firmly establishes himself among the most celebrated musicians.

Watch the video below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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