Discover JmNPR’s Musical Evolution Through ‘Cold Whispers – Jveneno Remix”


Enter the dark and whirling world of JmNPR’s new single, ‘Cold Whispers – ‘Jveneno Remix.’ This remix of the original includes memorie, dream, fantasy and reality, creating a magical audible patchwork of the sonic elements. Luxembourg-based or with the handle JmNPR, Jean-Michel Nepper is a multi-genre songwriter-producer known as an explorer. Let us delve into the evolution and impact of JmNPR’s songs.

‘Cold Whispers- Jveneno Remix’ is a new amalgamation that blends dark ambiance with danceable rhythms to create a new experience for the listeners. The track JmNPR opens up a new dimension by adding the Latin elements to it making it hypnotic. The sophisticated layering and sound processing, done by JmNPR, draws a sonic panorama that is capable of fusing together reality with fantasy, engaging the listener with its irresistible charm.

The route for JmNPR is modelled by cooperation and curiosity. While working with singers and artists like Roxiie Reese, Justis Poetic and Claire Virginia, and also through this collaboration with Deeper Purpose and BRN, JmNPR continued to develop and explore musical self-expression. Each of the collaborations adds its own peculiar flavor and contagious excitement to his work hence creating a unique musical canvas of his compositions and bringing forth a new facet of his creative activities.

It was in September 2023 that JmNPR attained his breakthrough moment with the release of his new single Up N’ Down – Deeper Purpose & BRN (feat. JmNPR) which was distributed under Catch & Release Records. His professionalism prospered at this juncture and his talents and multi-field approach were also recognized by a wider section of the society. Infectious beats and infectious energy made the song secure JmNPR’s name as a rising figure in the electronic music field.

Stream “Cool Whispers Rendition ” below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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