Discover LYSSA’s Soul-Stirring Anthem ‘Safe With Me’: A Musical Sanctuary for All


Discover LYSSA, a singer/songwriter whose unique sound weaves together elements from across musical genres to create a tapestry of sound and spirit. Infusing elements of indie, current pop, and gospel, LYSSA’s music offers a powerful message of hope, love, and acceptance. Her latest album, “Safe With Me,” is a soul-stirring anthem that originates from her unshakable belief that Jesus is for everyone.

With “Safe With Me,” LYSSA creates an aural sanctuary, demonstrating her dedication to making music that speaks to listeners of all walks of life and all faiths. LYSSA’s strong convictions and steadfast confidence that everyone, regardless of their journey or past, has a place with Jesus are reflected in this song, which is a powerful depiction of the safety found in Jesus.

Vocalist LYSSA, whose sound has been compared to that of Adele, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys, soars on “Safe With Me,” the song’s soaring instrumental matching the song’s heartfelt lyrics, which reverberate with themes of thankfulness and acceptance. The song is meant to be a gentle reminder that Jesus welcomes all people, regardless of their past mistakes or feelings that they don’t belong in the Christian community.

If you’re looking for a haven or wondering if you’re enough, LYSSA’s message is for you. She hopes that by performing “Safe With Me,” she will reach people who are in need of comfort and reassurance, and show them that they are valuable.

LYSSA’s “Safe With Me” is a guiding light of acceptance and tolerance in a world where music can heal, motivate, and bring people together. As LYSSA continues to win over new fans with her heartfelt performances, her music will provide a safe haven for those seeking acceptance and solace.

Stream “Safe with me” on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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