Discover The “Power” Of Women In Earth To Cheska’s New Single


Earth to Cheska releases a powerful song for women who do not die down under adversities but conquer them and it is titled “Power”

Empowered by its dynamic rhythms and self-assured flair, the song stands fiercely in full force to send a message to all those who are brave enough to stand up to their fears and embrace their powers.

Right from the start, the main sensation drilled into listeners is caught by the infectious sound and uncompromising attitude of this song. Earth to Cheska, lends the song her signature hype and sass which send them towards the status they deserve. This makes for a big statement of self-confidence and mind-over-anything attitude implying rebellious songs that we probably loved so much during the mid-600s.

“Power” is a trip of introspection and vulnerability. Through this song, Cheska manages to smoothly succinctly change the mood from swagger confidence to pensive sadness with the voice that seems her choice. The bridge, in specific, appears to be the most affecting and might be the moment of raw emotion, behind the strutting Cheska’s singing turns gentle and the guitar melody tune down, revealing the singer’s softer side, beneath the bravado of pretensions.

Cheska’s excellence within “Power” lies in her eclectic style as a performer, generating harmony and force with poppy tunes and unconventional turns. The outcome is a tune that comes with feelings of assertive, bold, fragile, and tumulus but all together is a representation of Cheska’s fearless personality and artistic talent perfectly.

“Power” works to function as a symbol of triumph and endurance by women across the world. While Cheska claims to have her contagious fun and an unbeatable gumption, she compels us to follow her lead and realize our true potential by sharing that secret ingredient with the rest of the world.

Enjoy below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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