Dive into the depths of emotion with Swan’s highly anticipated EP release, “Underneath My Façade”

Swan’s much-awaited EP first release ‘Underneath my Façade’ takes us through the submerged feelings we mostly hide beneath our outer surface. Characterized by R&B as a genre and having a bold artist, Swan deals with themes and subjects that are not comfortable and very personal. By that, she differs from other artists because she writes blunt but poetic songs that listeners can enjoy due to their sophisticated harmonies and groovy melodies.

In ‘Underneath My Façade,’ Swan combines storytelling and visuals, resulting in an implication that everything has a deeper and more complex context than simply the musical component. Every song is a journey into the deepestDepths of Emotions that makes us ponder the secrets of our Heart.

Having devoted her time to perfecting her work with the purpose of making her mark in 2024, Swan is now all geared up to go big in the music arena. After staging the shows together with soul singer Jeangu Macrooy and the legendary Gladys Knight at the Royal Theatre Carree in Amsterdam, Swan is expected to (hold) many supporting shows this year.

In conjunction with Perquisite, ‘Underneath My Façade’ approaches the issue of working on your relationship with other people and still be in touch with your own person. It is via her discernment that Swan gives a vivid insight into the relationship dynamics and self-discovery, asking the audience to accompany her on the exploration and self-awareness walk.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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