DJ K-Wale Releases Brand New Song ‘No Competion’ Featuring Honey-B-Sweet, Mica Franco & King Cris


London-based hip-hop and dubstep artist DJ K-Wale has officially released his brand new single “No Competition”, a global collaboration featuring Honey-B-Sweet, Mica Franco & King Cris, available on all streaming platform on Friday via EBI Records.

Fusing the sounds of different countries and cultures, this track features representation from Australia, Nigeria, Italy, the US, the UK and Argentina.

“Supporting independent music is important to me, and I want this song to showcase the artists’ talents” explains DJ K-Wale. “The song title emphasises this and also states that there is no competing with our talent”.

About DJ K-Wale

DJ K-Wale is a London-based artist with West African Roots. He produces hip-hop and dubstep music and is a founding member of EBI Records, an organisation that works with and supports independent artists in the local community. His father was a DJ and is his main influence.

As well as releasing music independently, he has also collaborated with gaming company
Ubisoft to provide music for Watch Dogs Legion and Beyond Good and Evil 2. He is a major supporter of artist rights and believes in helping new artists find their feet in the
music industry and helping them to collaborate with others to build long-lasting business relationships. DJ K-Wale released his first EP in October 2022 and is currently honing his craft and planning to go on tour.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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