“Dod 316” Band Shares Message of Hope and Love Through Inspirational Music


The “Dod 316” band announces its arrival on the music scene with a unique vision: to share the message of God’s love through captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics. Comprised of the Do Family, including their four children and Abigail Smith, “Dod 316” draws inspiration
from the Hebrew word “Dod,” meaning “beloved,” and the number 316, a reference to John 3:16. Each member of the band brings their own flair, with Charles on drums, Antoine on bass, Alexandre on piano, Marie-Ève on acoustic guitar, Hoa on electric guitar, and Abigail on vocals.

For “Dod 316,” music is more than just entertainment. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries and cultural barriers. Their goal is clear: to use this universal language to share a message of love and hope with the world.

The band is no stranger to life’s challenges. Having gone through difficult moments such as illness, grief, and doubts, “Dod 316” found strength in music and faith. Their interpretation of these trials is reflected in their songs, offering comfort and hope to those who listen.

“Dod 316” hopes that their music can accompany listeners through life’s ups and downs, just as it has for the band members themselves. Their greatest wish is that everyone can feel God’s loving presence through their inspirational melodies.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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