Dub Lounge International Redefines Reggae with “Ease Up the Pressure”


Dub Lounge International, the visionary music collective deeply immersed in the confluence of modern and traditional roots reggae, continues to captivate global audiences with their latest masterpiece, “Ease Up the Pressure.”

The song takes immerses listeners in the heart of reggae’s legacy, where rhythms pulse in harmony with the bass, and melodies evoke the spirit of reggae’s legends.

“Ease Up the Pressure” is an entrancing blend of captivating rhythms and soul-stirring melodies that showcase Dub Lounge International’s artistic vision and commitment to preserving the authenticity of reggae’s roots.

The song’s rich and powerful sound invites audiences to embrace reggae’s history while experiencing the collective’s innovative approach to songwriting and storytelling.

As the second single from their highly anticipated upcoming album, “Ease Up the Pressure” builds upon the foundation laid by their previous hit, “One Day.”

This new release demonstrates their seamless fusion of traditional reggae elements with modern musical influences, a signature sound that has earned them widespread recognition.

Led by Naphtali Rashid, who is also the lead vocalist, harmonica player, and percussionist, Dub Lounge International has established themselves as trendsetters in the reggae scene.

To fully experience the psychedelic dub journey of Dub Lounge International, catching them live is an absolute must. Their electrifying performances feature screaming guitar solos, galactic dub sounds, and consciousness-bending keyboard solos, all floating atop a foundation of grooving reggae bass and drums.

Dub Lounge International’s late summer and fall calendar is already filling up, so make sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming tour dates.

“Ease Up the Pressure” exhibits their devotion to keeping the spirit of reggae alive while pushing the boundaries of the genre. With their sound and performances, they continue to energertize audiences worldwide.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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