Embark on a soulful exploration with Sister Nat’s captivating single, “Where is Love?”


In the world’s love-less deserts, Sister Nat emerges as a beacon of hope with her album “Where is Love?” This musical manifesto delves into the profound question posed by Albert Camus: “I understand here what is called glory, the right to love without measure.” Through her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, Sister Nat invites listeners on a journey to explore the search for infinite and constant love.

The title track, “Where is Love?” dares to confront this existential question with sensitivity and power. It’s a new sound that penetrates the soul with harsh sobriety at first, but ultimately frees us from the superfluous, leaving only a cry from the soul and a dilation of the heart in a thousand nuances.

Sister Nat’s unique vocal and musical identity redefine gospel from the inside out, boldly integrating the cello played by the excellent Julien Roussel. With each track, “Where is Love?” surprises and awakens the divine spark within listeners, offering a transformative musical experience.

Accompanied by a choir featuring Magali Giraudo, Leila Destin, Ulrike Wippel, Germaine Jersier, and Frédéric Bergounioux, Sister Nat’s compositions resonate with authenticity and depth. Each note and harmony carries a message of hope and resilience, reminding listeners of the power of love to transcend boundaries and heal wounds.

“Where is Love?” showcases Sister Nat’s talent as an author, composer, and performer. With its profound lyrics, soul-stirring melodies, and divine instrumentation, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens. Sister Nat invites us to embrace love in all its forms and discover the true essence of our existence through the power of music.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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