Emerging Australian Artist Mars Flint Releases His Explosive New Modernized Pop Punk Single “Damsel In Distress”


From small town to city lights comes a damsel in distress, with a twist in which this certain love interest doesn’t need saving! Mars’ signature sound, a combination of fast-paced guitar riffs, pounding drums, and passioned vocal, shines on this dynamic track to produce nostalgic elements inspired by 00’s pop which then pushed Mars Flint to lean into the modernized Pop Punk scene and brought an energising sense of storytelling to audiences both new and old.

“Now you’re roaming the city breaking hearts” is the all too well-known feeling of an ex-lover making the most of a breakup.

Something to resonate with listeners who’ve gone through these romantic hardships. Scenester summed up Mars Flint in a quick snapshot by expressing that he was becoming a part of the “emerging contemporary R&B/Pop sensibilities that are bursting with heart-felt romantic vibes.” And Happy Mags added “Mars Flint’s breathtaking catalogue of releases, including his debut EP Stuck In Orbit, has pushed his name into the centre of Australia’s ever-evolving contemporary R&B/Pop scene.”

Armed with an open mind and fuelled by the success of his previous release which earned critical acclaim and a growing fanbase, the solo artist has been making waves in the Australian Pop scene with his raw, emotive sound and captivating live performances.

Mars Flint is more than ready to take the stage and make his new single “Damsel In Distress” is the next big hit this Australian Fall.

Damsel In Distress by Mars Flint is now available worldwide! Stream the new single via Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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