Emmanuel Adeniran Gives Praises To God in New Single ‘Thank You’


The fascinating vocals of EsRo and Juno Jaxxon’s silky production abilities have been combined to create a captivating gospel song by Emmanuel Adeniran, a seasoned producer, composer, and musician with over two decades of experience in the music business.

This song, titled ‘Thank you’, which was made available on the Redband music platform, serves as a potent reminder to ponder God’s goodness and grace and to express our thankfulness in return.

Emmanuel Adeniran encourages listeners to reflect on God’s enormous compassion and willingness to make a sacrifice for humanity in this poignant song. The lyrics of the song prompt us to consider the incredible things God has done for us and is constantly doing.

The real message is intended to enter every cell in our bodies, thus it is an invitation to slow down, unwind, and pay attentive attention.

King Sunny Ade, Dele Sosimi, 2Face Idibia, and Tiwa Savage are just a few of the well-known musicians that Emmanuel Adeniran has worked with. He also has a long history of accomplishments. Over 10 albums have been produced by him for different artists since his producing career began in 2009, demonstrating his versatility and capacity to create outstanding musical experiences.

EsRo’s seductive vocals give the song an extra degree of depth and emotion, perfectly balancing the sentimental lyrics. The listener is enveloped in a warm embrace by the smooth and polished sound produced by Juno Jaxxon’s silky-producing abilities.

Be ready to be impacted as you listen to “Gratitude,” which seamlessly combines gospel and RnB.

Allow the melodies and lyrics to ring in your mind and heart, reminding you of the wonderful gift we have been given by God. The message of this song is to remember to be thankful for all the gifts we have had and continue to receive.

Emmanuel Adeniran’s musical career has led him all over the world, where he has performed with top musicians and left a lasting impression. With “Gratitude,” he once more proves his talent for creating soul-stirring music that speaks to listeners’ hearts and minds.

Take a minute to let “Gratitude”‘s emotional melodies wash over you, allowing them to touch your soul and serve as a reminder to be grateful to God for everything.

Listen to ‘Thank you’ on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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