Emmanuel Jeremiah Spreads Faith In His newest Song “I Believe”


Emmanuel Jeremiah emerges as a gentle messenger who uses his music to share the transformative power of God’s love and redemption in a world that yearns for hope and spiritual connection.

Emmanuel inspires a spark of faith in the hearts of listeners with his calming vocals and passionate lyrics, leading them on a soul-stirring journey of worship and praise.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Emmanuel has made it his life’s work to create songs that speak to the heart and reflect the experience of humanity.

Emmanuel Jeremiah recognized his strong calling as a musician at a young age. He transforms his passion into a conduit for divine inspiration because of his strong religious foundation and steadfast confidence in the power of music.

Emmanuel creates tunes with the assistance of his producer Godwin Hillary Udofia that effortlessly captivate people all across the world by cutting over boundaries, cultures, and languages.

The music of Emmanuel can enliven weary spirits, comfort troubled hearts, and kindle a flame of devotion inside the souls of Christians. He has led congregations into life-changing worship experiences in his capacity as music director at several churches, including the RCCG Harvest Center in Turkey and the RCCG Grace Chapel in Malaysia.

Emmanuel’s peaceful, soft-spoken demeanor and soul-stirring vocals foster a spirit of utmost reverence and invite listeners to establish a connection with God.

Emmanuel Jeremiah has recently released the song “I Believe,” which furthers his goal of using music to inspire people to practice their faith.

Each painstakingly constructed song leads listeners on a sacred journey, promoting introspection, solace, and a closer relationship with God. The title track, “I Believe,” has a powerful impact on people who are looking for assurance and courage in their spiritual path. A newfound sense of purpose and a reminder of God’s unwavering love are both sparked by Emmanuel’s song.

Despite the difficulties and losses that come with a career in the arts, Emmanuel is unwavering in his dedication to using music to promote the gospel.

He is adamant that music has the power to dismantle barriers, unify people, and spark spiritual awakenings. Emmanuel Jeremiah’s continuous commitment aims to inspire listeners to embrace their spiritual journeys by encouraging unity and a sense of shared purpose among believers all across the world.

Listen I believe on Spoyify below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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