Enter Cabrallis’ vibrant world with a review of ‘Refrão’ from their colorful album ‘Cor’.


Cabrallis’s new song, “Refrão,” is the captivating first track on their album “Cor.” Cabrallis’s artistic vision goes beyond any traditional boundaries and takes the listener on a musical journey which brings together color, emotion, and also sound.

“Cor” is a concept series which collects the typography qualities and each color. Each track is inherently imbued with the distinct vibrations and manifestations of a specific color. Much like the colors trigger different sensations and sentiments, each song on “Cor” transmits a distinct feeling to the listeners, to make them plunge into the palette of musical experiences.

“Refrão”, being the opening track of the album, drives the exuberant energy of the color. In psychology, the yellow represents energy, motion, and also vivacity, eliciting emotions of optimism and creativity. Like its namesake, “Refrão” takes the listeners to the intersect with the charm and liveliness of the color yellow, and then think, dance, and let the energy flow.

The infectious melody and poignant lyrics of “Refrão” manifest the synesthesia between the music and color, thus blurring the boundaries between perception and consciousness, and endowing the hearer with a subliminal aesthetic experience. Being immersed in the lyrical and melodic aspects of the music, the listeners are ushered into a realm where one lives in the possibility and mystery of self-discovery and connectedness.

Refrão prepares the ground for the diverse and dynamic mood of “Cor,” inviting the audience to revel in the variety and modern edge of Cabrallis’s musical endeavor. By its innovative concept and its contagious energy, the song “Refrão” is Cabrallis’ attitude to push the limits and go further than what is expected in the musical storytelling.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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