Explore the unique sounds of “Here Comes The Lights” album by Stephen Evens.


With the latest release from Stephen Evens, “Here Comes The Light,” we are caught upon a magnificent journey through the expansive picture of emotions, stories, and music exploration which contains a total of 8 recording tracks that carry influences from different art types. Here we get to the crux of each song, unpicking the heart of them and revealing their narrative and tale.

“A Song for Europe” opens the album in an amalgamation of nostalgia and novelty in its slow start. This track is a bearer of the European spirit, based on exceptional experiences and beautiful sightseeing across its varied terrain. The combination of a choir establishes a feeling of inclusion that many are embracing, as it represents belonging and shared experiences which the continent is known for. It is a very personal story about the pleasures of traveling and the joy of waking up in a new place, getting lost in the absolute marvel of global diversity.

“Firefly” gives a chance to have a change from light to darker side as well. Adding a string section to the folk-inspired melody of the song, one can easily match the real-life power of love and the fleeting feelings of pain. It is, in a way, a gentle reminder of the human spirit survival capability, as music balms and elevates, offers listeners a peaceful and calm route gradually.

Stephen Evens

The song “BBQ Head / 7 Bells” then becomes more joyous and rhythmic, adding small nuances of fun and cheer. The depicted love song is a praise of the simple pleasure in getting together with friends, sharing some food and relishing the good company of each other. It indeed is a celebration of human yearning that evokes not only the pure feeling of jubilation but also the sentiment of communal contentment and the warmth of companionship.

“Lazy Eyes” is an elocution of why connection and bond are lost in a troubled relationship. The melancholy mood of the song is counterbalanced with a powerful music blend that slowly grows to a huge climax, which would be great among space rock music fans. It’s a story of hidden words and ignored connections, painted on a versatile profile of emotional and sonic sound.

“A Tree” builds the platform for listeners to get lost in the swaying of the leaves, solace of nature, and comfort of a bark. This song portrays the breathtaking and meaningful epitome of the Mother Nature that demands attention to the protection and sustainability of our environment. While listening to the soulful lyrics and captivating orchestra, “A tree” gives a brief moment of contemplation and, at the same time, deepens the perspective concerning our connection with the world.

“Hello Salty Salty” has a very strong narrative element and gloomy music that makes it memorable among others. The song is a tale of a friend who had an unusual childhood spent on the sea and so is a story of the liberty and excitement that life brings. This track is the kind of lively and touching piece that makes you feel like singing with the music.

“A Bee” pulsates out with a bright, funky-pop background that rings back to the 1970s. This track is running by optimism with jumping melodies and main beat with it help to see joy and forget about your troubles. It is a living proof of the magic of music that makes people dance, laugh and cry regardless of age, nationality, or social status.

“Happy New Year” is the final song of the album and it concludes on a profound note which is essentially the mixture of calm and serene notes with a positive tone of lyrics, full of hope. While most listeners may have an assumption that this song is about new beginnings, the lyrics go further into the grey areas of looking forward and back. And it ends the album thus employing all the elements of lightness, hope and human connections that have always been here and that won’t go away.

All the tracks, with each one having its own tale and sound, form a fabric whereby Stephen factors in the total story in this greatly interactive experience of the audience.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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